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Principal Investigator:  Marinella Temprosa, Ph.D.
Homepage:  https://dppos.bsc.gwu.edu/

Novel biomarkers of chronic disease reflecting newly recognized pathophysiologic pathways may improve the identification of at risk individuals and constitute possible targets for therapeutic manipulation to reduce risk of disease. This project will use stored blood specimens from the Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS) to assess the efficacy of novel biomarkers to predict type 2 diabetes and its complications and to delineate the pathways (i.e., adipocytokines, inflammation, procoagulation, and endothelial dysfunction) by which lifestyle intervention or metformin treatment slows progression to diabetes and alters the development of its complications.

DPP identified persons at high risk for diabetes and showed that lifestyle and pharmacological intervention strategies are effective and cost-efficient in preventing or delaying the development of diabetes; ongoing follow-up studies in the DPPOS are examining the long-term impact of these interventions on further development of diabetes and its complications.

The project will assess the short and long-term effects of the original DPP interventions and other lifestyle and metabolic variables on biomarker values and then evaluate biomarker prediction and associations with the development of diabetes, its co-morbidities and complications.

The Biostatistics Center (Dr. Marinella Temprosa, PI) is funded as a subcontract to an R01 awarded to University of Miami.)