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Principal Investigator:  Michael Larsen, Ph.D.

In the U.S. women are severely underrepresented in many academic and nonacademic career areas of science and engineering (S&E). This is a serious problem because women and minorities form a significant portion of the potential scientific workforce and maintaining a strong and vibrant scientific workforce is critical to economic and scientific progress. To understand the factors affecting participation of women and minorities in S&E careers on needs data. One also needs data in order to formulate and evaluate policies seeking to increase representation of women and minorities at all levels of S&E careers. The principal goal of this proposal is to use existing sources of information in novel ways to address key questions about the S&E workforce. The methods and products of this research will yield unique insights and be a key building block for future studies of polices and lifting interventions that aim to encourage the participation of women and minorities in the scientific workforce. Successful policies that lead to increased sustainability and productivity in science, engineering, and health careers are anticipated to have significant, positive impacts on science research, public health, and the economy. Funded by NIGMS Cooperative Agreement 1-U01 GM 094142-01.)