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Principal Investigator:  Kathleen Jablonski, Ph.D.

The Multiethnic Study for Type 2 Diabetes Genes joins together a collection of multiethnic samples representative of the US population including African-American, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, and non-Hispanic white to learn how mutations in Type 2 diabetes (T2D) genes vary in frequency, effect, and interactions with genes and environment. This study is part of a consortium and its purpose is to advise the study group on the DPP study design and the use of DPP phenotypic data including the evaluation of gene by intervention interactions, gene by 8MI interactions, and gene by diet interactions within ethnic groups. Decisions need to be made about the selection of loci and bounds of regions for study as well as the determination of the span of each locus, and whether or not deep sequencing will used. This study is funded by a subcontract with the Board Institute under a Grant awarded by NIDDK U01-DK085526-02 (2009-2014).)