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Principal Investigator:  Rebecca Clifton, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator:  Kimberly Drews, Ph.D.
Homepage:  https://lifemoms.bsc.gwu.edu/

The Biostatistics Center serves as the Research Coordinating Unit (RCU) for the Lifestyle Interventions for Expectant Moms (LIFE-Moms). The consortium is a collaboration between seven clinical centers, the RCU and the funding institutes and centers of NIH (NIDDK, NHLBI, NICHD, NCCAM, ORWH, OBSSR). The overall goal of the Consortium is to identify effective behavioral and lifestyle interventions that will improve weight, glycemic control and other-pregnancy-related outcomes in obese and overweight pregnant women, and determine whether these interventions reduce obesity and metabolic abnormalities in their children. Each clinical center is conducting a separate trial and the objective of the collaboration is to maximize the value of the individual trials by identifying core measures collected across all studies and ensuring consistency of procedures, certain eligibility criteria, definitions and data collection. The RCU is funded by NIDDK Cooperative Agreement U01-DK094466 (2011-2016).)