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Principal Investigator:  Scott Evans, Ph.D.

Antibacterial resistance is one of the greatest threats to human health worldwide. The Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group (ARLG) is a national resource funded by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to design, prioritize, conduct, and manage an integrated clinical research program to address antibacterial resistance scientific priorities. The ARLG has four scientific subcommittees: (1) Gram Positive, (2) Gram Negative, (3) Diagnostic and Devices, and (4) Stewardship and Infection Control, e.g., surveillance. Three special emphasis panels, (1) Pharmacology, (2) Pediatrics, and (3) Special Populations assist the scientific subcommittees. The ARLG also has an active Mentoring Program for early-career researchers.

Located at BSC, the Statistical and Data Analysis Center (SDAC) of the Statistical and Data Management Center (SDMC) provides the ARLG with statistical expertise to advance the ARLG research agenda. The ARLG SDAC is active at all stages of a study, including design; data collection and monitoring; data analyses and archival; and publication of study results. The SDAC enhances the scientific integrity of ARLG studies through the development and implementation of innovative and practical statistical methodologies and by educating research colleagues regarding the application of the fundamentals of clinical trials, observational studies, and diagnostic studies.

Professor Scott Evans, Director of the BSC, is the Director of the SDMC for the ARLG. Other BSC members of the ARLG team include Michelle Earley, Yunyun Jiang, Lauren Komarow, and Thuy Tran-Fisher.

Recent ARLG Papers

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