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Lifestyle Manuals of Operations

Copyright 1996; 2011; University of Pittsburgh. The DPP manual and materials are made available to the public subject to the following Creative commons License: Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0. Accordingly, the manuals may be downloaded, duplicated, transmitted and otherwise distributed for educational or research purposes only, provided proper credits are given to the DPP Research Group. (Note that some of the materials may have incorrect formatting while undergoing revisions.) Use of any of the DPP Lifestyle materials herein for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden without the permission or license of the University of Pittsburgh. For further information on commercial use of DPP Lifestyle materials contact Carolyn Weber at the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Technology Management at (412) 383-7140.
1.   Lifestyle Balance During Core
This manual provides guidelines for implementing the first 16 sessions, called the "core curriculum", of the DPP lifestyle intervention. The core curriculum ensured that all participants received a standard intervention that could be easily described and translated for use in the future. The materials are only available in English.

2.   Lifestyle Balance After Core
This manual provides guidelines for implementing the individual and group sessions after the initial core curriculum. The materials are available in English and some in Spanish.

3.   Lifestyle Materials for sessions 1-16 - Standard Participant Handouts
Participant Handouts The materials are available in English and some in Spanish.

4.   Group Lifestyle BalanceTM Materials: A Modification of the Diabetes Prevention Program's Lifestyle Change Program
The Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB) program was adapted directly from the individually administered DPP Lifestyle Balance intervention for the purpose of community based translation and dissemination. A manual with implementation guidelines and standard participant handout materials are available for 22 sessions to be delivered during a one-year period (12 core sessions, 4 transitional sessions, and 6 monthly support sessions). Participant materials are available in English. Spanish materials are pending in 2011. Copyright 2004; 2008; 2011; University of Pittsburgh.




Medication Manuals of Operations

1.   Medication Adherence Interview (coming soon)
2.   Form F05 and code sheet